A bold, black and cyan logo saying
Caption: Courtesy of MIXdesign.
Image Description: A bold, black and cyan logo saying "MIXdesign" hovers over a grid of 10 square headshots, all tinted blue. The cisgender, trans, and non-binary people pictured are majority people of color, stylish, and in the age range of early 20s to mid-60s.

MIXdesign is a think tank and design consultancy dedicated to creating design recommendations and prototypes that respond to the specific needs of traditionally marginalized individuals whom architects, interior designers and clients have long overlooked. We collaborate with a wide range of commercial and institutional clients to make public spaces and everyday building types including restrooms, university campuses, workplaces, hospitals and art museums accessible and welcoming to what we refer to as “non-compliant bodies,” people of different ages, genders, races, cultures, religions and abilities. MIX is a branch of JSA, an award-winning New York-based architecture studio. One of our initiatives, MIXmuseum, collaborates with partner museums to go beyond ADA, and transform the key public spaces that shape the visitor experience into accessible spaces for all visitors.