What Will You Find Here?

This website reflects work in progress, as animated and unexpected as collaborative work tends to be. It is updated frequently to provide insight into YoU’s projects, programs, and conversations. In these blog posts, Co-Thinkers, Artists-in-Residence, Community Partners, and the Queens Museum’s staff, YoU Program Partner sand invited Contributors share their work through an assortment of media including text, audio, videos, and images. We want to know: how might we reconceptualize the intersecting roles of art, artists, museums, institutions, and communities? How can a thoughtful experiment and a living archive hold these conversations, and activate them?

Reflecting the dynamic nature of the Year of Uncertainty (YoU), this iterative platform delves into the individual and overlapping projects of YoU Cohort members, all related to reassessing the role of the museum through YoU’s guiding themes.

Notes on Accessibility

The global pandemic revealed and emphasized a multitude of inadequacies in our social fabric. Widespread demands to reevaluate commitments to equity are necessary, especially in the realm of public institutions. YoU was initially envisioned as a way to maintain access to the Queens Museum during the COVID-19 lockdown, and facilitated a reassessment of our own practices. As we attempt to shatter the boundaries of the museum, we are intent on enacting a more considerate, expansive access plan for exhibitions, events, and projects (both in-person and virtually). This website offers accessibility tools including alt-text, audio image descriptions, language translations, and video captions. These features reflect a genuine effort to make our spaces more accommodating.
We welcome suggestions and constructive criticism as we improve our practices to better serve our visitors and community.